Monday, January 24, 2022

Partnership activities for bonding and creating friendships between students from Skopje and Strumica

Two schools from Strumica and Skopje engaged into mutual partnership activities on February 28. Students from Liman Kaba primary school in Ljuboten and Marshal Tito in Strumica were given the opportunity to meet and mingle with peers. An ethnically mixed group of students met and socialized during a visit of landmarks in Skopje. The choice of visited cultural and historic landmarks was made by teachers from both partner schools through mutual communication. The visited landmarks included: the Church of the Ascension of Jesus, Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Kurshumli An, the Museum of the City of Skopje, the Memorial House of Mother Teresa, the Skopje Fortress, Macedonia Square including the Warrior on a Horse monument and other monuments nearby.

Therefore the history teachers together with the students carried out an online research on these landmarks and used the gathered information to give presentations on each visited landmark. The presentations were made by students from both schools in three languages of instruction (Macedonian, Turkish, and Albanian). Photographs were taken of all the activities in order for the students, under teachers’ guidance, to create an album containing the most interesting moments of the day they spent together. The creation of the album will help the children to contact and deepen their friendships.

This enables students to become acquainted with both nationalities’ cultures, Macedonian and Albanian landmarks. Since we already hosted their visit to Skopje, we are planning to visit Marshal Tito primary school in Strumica in two months’ time – informed Djezmi Abduramani, Director of Liman Kaba primary school.

The album will be promoted during the succeeding encounter when students and teachers from Liman Kaba partner school in Ljuboten will visit Marshal Tito high school in Strumica. Upon their return from Strumica, the album will be presented in their own school.