Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Open heart and Open Day for everyone – a visit to the PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” in Ohrid

DSC09060On January 20, 2015, in the Ohrid demonstration school “Bratstvo Edinstvo”, an Open Day was held which sparked the interest of many curious parents, teachers, students, representatives of the Municipality of Ohrid and representatives of IIEP, who followed the students’ programme with great attention.

The heart of this event was the presentation of the multicultural workshops through which students, with the help of their teachers, presented their joint activities and products. “The Open Day was an excellent opportunity for us to present our activities. The greatest satisfaction is that it appealed the attention of the guests, in that way, parents and directors from other primary schools participated in the activities of our extracurricular activity” said Dominika Caule, teacher and implemented of the ping-pong and badminton activity.

In one of the classrooms, the first graders presented the exercise for introducing each other in the language of the other ethnic community. In another classroom, there was an exhibition of drawings and products from the outdoor teaching with mixed groups of students on Pelister. The third workshop comprised making various souvenirs for decoration by using rubber bands, paper and other materials. Furthermore, all visitors of the Open Day were able to see the activities and results of other three interactive workshops which the school implemented in the past period through the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project. “Although in our school there are numerous activities where we work and socialize together, this even [Open Day] doesn’t happen very often. We hope that we left a good impression and that other children will want to study in this school” said Selma Azizoska, fourth grade student who participated on the ecological extracurricular activity.

DSC09084Languages of instruction in this school are Macedonian, Turkish and Albanian. PS “Bratstvo Edinstvo” is a true model of a multicultural community which, in cooperation with IIEP, was transformed into an active intercultural environment that secures a frequent contact between students from different ethnic backgrounds, organizes large number of joint activities for the students and joint operation of the teachers on a daily basis. This Open Day has shown us that the success in this sphere is possible, if we approach it with an open heart.