Monday, January 24, 2022

On the wings of friendship

DSC02455Full hall of smiling and singing children’s faces who curiously followed the steps of their new friends and learned the new folk dance which was completely unknown to them. Turkish and Macedonian music echoed in the school at the party that was spontaneously organized by the students. The whole event took place impeccably, without any teacher nearby. The teachers were in a completely different part of the school building where they jointly summarized the impressions of the successful day, exchanged experiences and talked about the future cooperation among their two schools.

DSC02395This was the last sight at our departure from the primary school “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” from Kanatlarci in the Prilep region, which on that day welcomed their friends from the primary school “Sinisa Stoilov” from Zrnovci on a return visit. The established friendships between the teachers and students from both schools, who already had one joint gathering in Zrnovci, deepened even further that day through various activities such as: sports competitions with mixed teams from both schools, joint drawing activities on the topic of “unity and friendship”, hand dyeing various motives on t-shirts with patterns and writing poems on the topic of “The power of the written word,” wherein students were creating poems on a construction paper writing verses in Macedonian and Turkish language.

The joint activities were only a prelude to what followed – the Annual day celebration of the host school. The hosts together with the guests prepared a program which, in addition to the performance acts dedicated to the annual day, was devoted entirely to the friendship and the activities that the students jointly implemented before. Both the Turkish and the Macedonian language could be equally heard. Poems were read, drawings about friendship and t-shirts coloured with wonderful motifs were presented on the stage. With a mix of traditional Turkish folk dances in the rhythm of the music and with smiling faces, the folk dancers enchanted the audience, and the atmosphere was even more lightened up with the performance of the folk dance group from the school from Zrnovci, which culminated in the end with a joint performance of the two folk dance groups.

At the end of the day, the host students took their friends from Zrnovce to a joint walk through Kanatlarci.

DSC02411The name Kanatlarci originates from the Turkish word “kanatlar” which means “wings”. Thus, in this beautiful place, carried on the wings of friendship, the students from Kantlarci with Turkish language of instruction and the students from Zrnovci with Macedonian language of instruction, showed their creativity, learnt something new about their friends and shared happy moments.