Sunday, January 16, 2022

On the sports ground we are all the same – sports as an excellent tool for interethnic integration of the young people

In a sound body, sound is the spirit of interethnic integration as well.  On the 26th of September, more than 150 students from different ethnic backgrounds gathered in the sports hall in Mavrovo for joint sports and fun activities, which are an integral part of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

One could hear from afar the arrival of the ecstatic and joyful students from the primary schools “Josip Broz Tito” from the village of Zirovnica, “Vrapciste” from the village of Vrapciste, “7mi Marsi” from the village of Celopek, “Kiril Pejcinovik” from the village of Tearce and “Nikola Karev” from Krusevo. Upon their arrival in the “Mavrovo” hall, professional trainers assisted students to form mixed groups for the three different sports stations. Each of these stations was comprised of several types of sports activities through which students discovered various values in sports and in a wider context – openness, team work, communication, fair play and respecting other players. The children learned the rules very fast and they were taken by the game and fun even faster.

The event is one of the two final sports and fun events with the students.  IIEP will continue to utilize sport as a tool for bringing together students from different ethnic backgrounds.  The PE teachers that were trained by the IIEP team are expected to contribute to the sustainability of this type of activities, because experience shows that sports and fun are an efficient, healthy and sustainable manner of stimulating the interethnic socializing among young people.