Monday, January 24, 2022

New Windows for a Better and Shared Worldview

DSC03193A big crowd, dazzling smiles, excited students and parents gathered in front of the entrance of the PS “Gjorgji Sugarev” from Bitola to welcome the senior representatives of USAID, the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia, the European Command of the U.S. Army, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Municipality of Bitola.  That was the start of the official ceremony held on May 28, that marked the completion of the renovation in the school, which was implemented through the partnership between USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project and the Municipality of Bitola.

During the official ceremony the attendees in the hall were addressed by Mr. James Stein, the USAID Mission Director to Macedonia, who spoke of the achievements and the activities of this project and its importance for the improvement of the interethnic integration in the educational process. “Through various activities, the project is building friendships and bridging ethnic divisions. These friendships not only enrich the lives of those who establish them, but serve as a foundation for a greater cooperation and integrated and peaceful future for Macedonia”, said Mr. Stein.  Speeches about the importance of these activities and the interethnic integration in the schools were also given by the Air Attaché of the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia, Lieutenant Colonel Boris Gershman, the Mayor of the Municipality of Bitola, Mr. Vladimir Taleski, the Executive Director of the Macedonian Civic Education Centre, Ms. Loreta Georgieva and the Director of the “Gjorgji Sugarev” School, Ms.  Zagorka Jovcevska.DSC03255

The speeches were followed by a great entertainment program prepared by the students and the teachers of the school. The program started with an integrated folk dance comprised of students with mixed ethnic composition. The dance was proceeded by an exhibition of the students who presented ​​dolls made by them and dressed in traditional costumes of different ethnic communities in Macedonia, as well as drawings showing coexistence. Finally, the ribbon-cutting in the hall marked the putting into use the new windows that made the whole school immensely happy.

PS “Gjorgji Sugarev” is attended by Macedonian, Roma, Albanian and Turkish students, and the school will continue to implement and organize activities for interethnic integration in improved conditions for studying and socializing. Let’s hope that these new windows will be an incentive for everyone in the school to socialize, create new common values​​ and open new, positive worldviews towards the future.