Thursday, October 28, 2021

Music brings us together

DSC02431How do you say ‘folk songs and dances’ in Macedonian? Народни песни и ора. And in Albanian? Këngë dhe vallë popullore. And in Romani? Folklornikane gjilja thaj vastkhelibe. Thanks to the Music Glossary prepared jointly by eighth grade students from PS “Braka Ramiz Hamid” and PS “7 Marsi” from Skopje, we have now enriched our music vocabulary in four different languages (English, Macedonian, Albanian and Romani).

On May 20, a group of students from “7 Marsi” visited the partner school “Braka Ramiz Hamid” to promote the fruits of their joint hard-work, part of USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project. Besides the Music Glossary, students in ethnically mixed groups prepared musical instruments from cardboard, drawings of folk ornaments, costumes and a joint performance of the orchestra. All of these products were presented in front of a large audience of students and teachers from both schools. The joint orchestra played several songs in Albanian, Macedonian and Romani languages while the younger students danced in traditional costumes.DSC02509

Teachers from both schools were very pleased with the joint professional collaboration, but foremost proud of the products that their students presented. After the scheduled program finished, students and teachers turned the hall into a dance floor, dancing to tunes of popular Romani, Macedonian and Albanian songs. A sign on the wall, written in three languages, reminded us all that “Music brings us all together.”