Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Multicultural Workshop “Train of Wishes”

Socializing, cooperation and learning the basic features of the languages of the different ethnic communities were the main goals of the multicultural workshop “Train of Wishes” which was held at the beginning of December in the Primary School “Zivko Brajkovski” in Skopje’s Municipality of Butel.

The workshop was attended by 16 third-grade students in an ethnically mixed group: Macedonians, Albanians and Bosnians, as well as several parents who helped in the implementation of the activity. During the event, students, through games and joint exercises, demonstrated great interest and curiosity to learn words in the languages ​​of the ethnic communities from their neighborhood.

“The students worked in groups, united as in a beehive, and they mutually got to know each other, talked to each other, and managed to understand each other, although they were speaking in different languages,” says Liljana Stojanovska, a mentor at the workshop. Her colleague, Dzezide Sulejmani said that the students had created a wonderful atmosphere during the workshop, with their sincere cooperation and exchange of ideas during the exercises.

As a final product of the workshop, the students created the beautiful winter story “My Snowy Neighborhood”, and they celebrated it with songs and dances. Before saying goodbye, the students agreed to continue spending time together during the winter and the summer holiday as well.