Friday, December 3, 2021

Message from students of PS “Jane Sandanski”: Let’s preserve the nature together!

Nature knows no language, ethnic belonging or religion. Nature is an equally common heritage of all mankind and we should all make efforts to preserve it. Starting from this premise, on 22 May 2014, a mixed group of students from first to fifth grade from the Primary School “Jane Sandanski” from the municipality of Cair participated in the workshop titled “Eco Tree”.

The students who participated in the workshop follow instruction in Albanian, Turkish or Macedonian language. They were impatiently waiting to start drawing and coloring the little owls on which they also wrote eco-messages in the three languages of instruction. Then, on the painting of a large eco-tree in the main hall of the school, students attached the little owls on its branches. At the end of the workshop, they proudly lined up and took a photo in front of the tree on which they attached their artistic products. In addition to memories, these photographs represent a strong message to all of us: although these children speak different languages, nature is their common treasure and a source of a healthy childhood. Whereas friendship and childhood are certainly more beautiful when children are surrounded by greenery and a healthy environment.

In addition to the creative part, students also obtained knowledge on how to preserve the nature, how to treat it and how to inform their friends about the importance of the nature.

This joint student activity was implemented within the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project with the help of the lower grade teachers from PS “Jane Sandanski” from the Municipality of Cair.