Friday, December 3, 2021

Media Knowledge for Better Interethnic Understanding

What is stereotyping and generalization, what is ethical journalism, how to write news, how to prepare photo story, how to make multimedia coverage and to put all of that on the Internet while the content is accessible for readers were just part of the themes of the two-day training of trainers for the production of multimedia content in the context of interethnic integration in education held in Mavrovo 10 and 11 мај 2013. Journalists from several editorials debated and planned how their knowledge will be conveyed to the teachers in primary and secondary schools.

Dragan Antonovski, one of the reporters who will share his knowledge with the teachers said that the training was very useful.
We need to know what is the goal we want to achieve and the way to do that. The need to accurately plan and make serious preparations “- says Antonovski.

We had useful discussions and I think we managed to find the right approach to transfer the basic skills for creation of media content to the teachers so that they will be encouraged to combine their knowledge with the new digital era and to continue to work with the students in one setting which is more natural for students today, and that is the internet” – says Sarachini, Program Manager at MIM.

Zoran Bujarovski, TV editor in Alfa said he was very optimistic about the upcoming activities with the teachers and the students and is confident that they will be able to make positive changes in the school community.