Friday, December 3, 2021

MCEC Celebrating its Birthday with the Students from Mavrovo village

DSC03426During the month of June, the Macedonian Civic Education Centre (MCEC) celebrates 10 years from its establishment, 10 years filled with successes aimed at improving the education system in Macedonia. For that occasion, on 31 May, MCEC employees visited the satellite school “Dence Dejanoski” from the village of Mavrovo, where together with the students, parents, teachers and the school dog Lucky, they celebrated this anniversary.DSC03304

What’s really fascinating is that this school has only 3 students, but for this occasion, other children from different ages living in Mavrovo also attended the event. Tables were put up in the school yard and home-cooked meals prepared by the diligent hands of MCEC employees were served. The feast was followed by a sports program for the children. However, the adults could not resist to the games, and in short time they joined as well – some were jumping rope, others were playing hand football, third ones were playing other games whereas the rest cheered from the side.

At the same time, some of the participants threw themselves at work – the classrooms and hallways of the school were decorated. All employees, students and teachers joined in the arrangement process. Stickers with pictures of animals, letters and numbers, posters were put up to give the school a new look.

Excited and happy from the fun day filled with games, attendees could not be separated from their friends. On that day, questions such as ‘who won’, ‘who lost’, ‘who drew what’ were insignificant. In the end, the children in particular were happy about the friendship, but also from the work done, all of which was accomplished in one day in which everyone enjoyed and had fun.

MCEC will continue to work towards improving the education system in all spheres: interethnic integration, school inclusion, professional development of teachers and many others. Days like this, filled with smiles and delight in the face of the people we collaborate with, gives us an additional incentive to continue with our work even more intensively.

Happy birthday and to many more to come!