Friday, July 30, 2021

Laying the foundation for peaceful future at Nace Bugjoni Secondary School in Kumanovo

Presenting the activities of the Interethnic Integration in Education, today, on 29 November 2013, a ribbon cutting ceremony was organized in the Nace Bugjoni school hall in Kumanovo. The process of refurbishment in this school is an incentive that provides better learning environment for students, followed with the activities aimed at improving the Interethnic Integration in Education. Today the citizens of Kumanovo had the chance to hear how teachers and students together though different activities are working hard to embed the concept of the interethnic integration; teachers disseminate their knowledge with other colleagues and discuss the action plans of their annual programs, whereas students actively are involved in debate clubs established in their school and discuss various topics tackling matters that are of a mutual interest.
The event was attended by U.S. Ambassador Paul D. Wohlers, MAJOR Rick Trayah, ODC Deputy Chief and Bilateral Affairs Officer, USAID Senior Education Specialist, Lela Jakovlevska and Mayor of Kumanovo, Zoran Damjanovski, as well as teachers, parents and students.

“We are building more than better classrooms at Nace Bogjoni. Through USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project, and our Eurpean Command partners, we are also laying the foundation for a more cooperative, integrated, and peaceful future,” said U.S. Ambassador Paul D. Wohlers.
The process of refurbishment is financially supported by USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and the United States European Command (EUCOM).