Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Joint students’ sport and fun games in two primary schools in Tetovo and Cair

After the school summer vacation, the joint sport and fun activities that promote interethnic activities with students in ethnically mixed groups continued to be practiced in the two primary schools Naim Frasheri – Tetovo and Adem Jashari –Cair.
Each exercise (such as football, movement in sack, jumping the rope, etc) was designed to lead towards a win-win situation among the students from different classrooms, in a manner which enables each child-participant in the games to sense it as an owner of many small successes.

On September 6, 2013 around 50 ethnically mixed students (Albanians, Turks and Roma) in the school yard of the primary school Naim Frasher in Tetovo, took a part in the sport and fun games that were watched from a big number of the school students and parents. The exercises were carried out in three locations (named as “stations”) in the school yard that was full of students, teachers and parents who watched the sport games.
Also, encouraged from their peers and teachers, around 50 students in gym hall of the primary school “Adem Jashari” in Cair, were guided by their 3 teachers at three different stations of games and exercises
The implemented cycle of joint sport and fun activities that promote interethnic activities in the 8 participating schools is a preparation for further events at which the students with various ethnical backgrounds will come into direct contact and socialize in ethnically mixed groups through sport and fun games, by getting to know each other better and better.