Monday, January 24, 2022

Joint sports and fun activities in Tetovo

On October 6, 2013 on the playground of the secondary school “Mosa Pijade” in Tetovo joint sports and fun activities took place among students with ethnically mixed groups from 4 elementary schools: Naim Fraseri and AS Kikis – Tetovo, Brakja Miladinovci, Tabanovce and Cyril and Methodius, Romanovce. After the introductory meeting and the partition in ethnically mixed groups with the participation of students from all schools, on each of the eight stations, in each group equally divided by gender and ethnic background games have started in which students participated with pleasure and happiness. Each station had a different exercise that all students successfully realized as well as two teachers from Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction with students – assistants who helped in the realization of exercises with many accessories that were available. After 15-20 minutes of playing in the specific station, each group rotated to the next station continuing to learn exercises with great curiosity.

Sports and fun activities created lovely atmosphere in the two-hour gathering, enthusiasm and mutual understanding of students through play, accompanied by music, which eventually transformed to celebration in which all students were winners . Before the end of this fun event all participants sang and entertained with various games and dances known and familiar to them, accompanied by their teachers, parents and others.
This event was covered by several media.