Monday, January 24, 2022

Interethnic interaction through Creative Workshops and Forum Theatre

On 19 September 2013 students from different schools attended the presentation of the final product that was created by a group of students from Pero Nakov secondary school from Kumanovo. The group that prepared the short film contained diversity in ethnical, gender and social aspect and was a great challenge for the students. The 12 workshops proved that all boundaries can be bridged and by working together all stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination on ethnic basis can fade away. The students had the chance to discuss on various themes and give their own ideas and thoughts.
The presentation was hosted and moderated by our famous actors Keti Doncevska Ilik and Goran Ilik, whereas the director of the school Momcilo Antevski briefly gave his remarks about the whole process. Over 50 people attended the presentation, which followed by awarding certificates to all the students and teachers involved in the process.
After the presentation another activity followed with students from secondary schools from Kumanovo where a group of students were a part of a short role – play using the Augusto Boals’ techniques. The particular situation that was given – the idea of going together (Macedonian and Albanian school) to an excursion was oppressed by one student who didn’t believe that was a good idea – was a subject to analyze with the public, where different solutions and ideas were given and came out. The format and techniques used during the Forum Theatre have no barriers between the theatre scene and audience so some of the students replaced the starting actors in order to present their better solutions, which the public found overwhelming.