Monday, January 24, 2022

Integrated school manifestation in Kicevo

On October 09, 2013 a manifestation for admitting the first grade students in the Childrens` Organization was held in the primary school “Sande Shterjoski” in Kicevo. Several performances were prepared to convey the good practices of ethnically integrated celebrations that this school is implementing. A balanced number of students from different ethnic backgrounds and gender took part in each of the pieces, such as introducing the Children’s Rights, singing and dancing the song from children’s serial “Nashe Maalo”, reciting, and again singing and dancing with incorporated elements of conversational signs of the deaf people.

All three languages of instruction were present in all parts, and even more, the children were either saying the text in the “other” language of instruction or all together were singing the songs in all three languages. A strong message that the school is dedicated on building and keeping the ethnically integrated atmosphere was sent not only by the content of the celebration presented by the ethnically-mixed students, but also by the engagement of the teachers from all three languages of instruction responsible for preparing the event, and by the very powerful opening speech of the school`s principal, Mr. Lulzim Mehmedi.