Monday, January 17, 2022

Improved school maintenance for better learning conditions

The training for strengthening of the capacities of schools secretaries and technical staff for school maintenance was organized for the second time on November 20, 2013 for the schools renovated in the IIEP Phase II. This was a unique opportunity for the 45 representatives from 11 schools to share their knowledge and problems related to school maintenance. Expert engineers and IIEP school renovation team presented the common school maintenance problems and the possible solutions.

The activities related to the school maintenance are implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science/Department of Capital Investment (MoES/DCI). MoES/DCI representatives attended the training and saluted the present participants. School maintenance is topic that is more or less neglected in the education debates, but is of utmost importance for the quality of the teaching and learning process and on the long run it can save more finances.

DSCN3227rThe representative from the secondary school Vancho Prke from Vinica, Borche Stojanovski said to his colleagues at the training: “From the Project we got the idea to prepare check lists in order to improve the school maintenance procedures. The check list are functioning, the school staff got used to check if everything is ok in the school and report the problems. Believe me, in no time we could see the results.”

The questions that were raised at the training will be further discussed during the follow up in school meetings with the school technical staff who are the most important actors in the proper school maintenance and school functioning. From the improved school maintenance will benefit 8.568 students and 890 school staff from 11 schools renovated in the second project year.