Monday, October 25, 2021

How to use social media for greater coverage of school activities?

Taking into consideration the importance of media coverage as a tool of sharing news about implemented project activities with the wider audience, an all-day training was organized for representatives of the School Integration Teams (SITs) from all demonstration schools. about the communication with public was held. The Training for Communication with the Public, organized by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project team in cooperation with the Macedonian Institute for Media on 17 December in Skopje was attended by 14 representatives of SITs.

IMG_5452The facilitators presented different ways of promoting project activities. The accent was put on social media as a media strategy. First, the actual web pages and Facebook pages of the demonstration schools were presented by their administrators and were jointly reviewed with the training facilitators and participants. After that, the adequacy and the potential of social media were discussed with regards to community initiatives. They also talked about the methods of monitoring and editing the shared contents.

After being informed about the basics of informative writing, participants were given the task to elaborate concepts for communication by defining canals and audiences in transmitting information. By taking the multimedia stories created during the training as examples, a practical teaching on how to write a good structured story followed. Also, the facilitators shared interesting tips on how to reach a greater publicity.

12342458_10153341125126139_5979182809503902469_nTeachers took active participation in the training to learn about the tips and tricks of promoting their activities – which they have a lot. We look forward to reading their stories about the great work they do to advance interethnic integration in education.