Monday, January 17, 2022

Health for all, regardless of the background!

DSC02648In a classroom so full that could not fit all the interested people – students, teachers, representatives of the IIEP team and officials from the Municipality of Veles attended a presentation of a case study in a multi-ethnic company which was held on May 22 at the SSOU “Dimitrija Cupovski” Secondary School in Veles.

During the presentation, students from “Dimitrija Cupovski” presented the findings of their research and the video from the field visits to PHI Polyclinic “Vitalino”: an institution which contributes towards building cohesion in this city. Although all of its employees are of Macedonian ethnic background, the polyclinic provides health care services to patients of all ethnic communities living in Veles: Turks, Albanians, Roma, Macedonian Muslims, Bosniaks, etc.

The team of student-researchers was also ethnically mixed, comprised of two representatives from each of these ethnic communities.  After the researchers presented the company’s history and the research findings obtained through surveys and interviews with the employees of the company, they presented the conclusions and the recommendations of the study.  One of the major recommendations students had was that it would be very productive if the staff of the polyclinic is enriched with employees of other ethnic backgrounds, which would help in the daily communication with the patients.

The students also showed the video footage that had documented the entire process of the research.  At the end, they all received certificates for their participation in this activity, which was conducted as part of the partnership between USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project and “My Career”.