Thursday, October 28, 2021

Forum Theatre Debate and Workshop in Stip

Using the Augusto Boals’ techniques, a Forum Theatre workshop and debate gathered on September 17, 2013 students from secondary schools from Stip municipality.
Facilitated by our famous actors Keti Doncevska Ilik and Goran Ilik, along with a group of young students of drama, enabled the young students from Stip to witness a particular situation through a role play — a love story between a Turkish girl and a Macedonian boy and all the obstacles they face in the school, with their friends and in their community.
The format and techniques used during the Forum Theatre have no barriers between the theatre scene and audience—participants are empowered to suggest solutions and take the role in the role play to change the pathway of one situation.
This was successfully performed and played with the active participation of the students in Stip that followed with a fruitful discussion and interesting suggestions at the end.

These activities will also take place in Kumanovo, Tetovo, Kicevo, Veles, Skopje and Bitola in the period September-November 2013.