Monday, October 25, 2021

Diversity is a Universal Value

Today at Arseni Jovkov Secondary School was the venue to host the presentation of the Case Study on the subject of Career Development in a Multicultural Company where in-depth research of the whole functioning of the “Dauti Komerc” and “Javno Komunalno Pretprijatie” Companies was exhibited by a group of six students, directly involved in the whole process.

The IIEP activity contributed for the students to better recognize their part in society and that the differences among them are not the reason for division but rather for unity and mutual understanding.

Doesn’t matter if we belong to a smaller ethnic group in the country, we all have the same right as others to feel like a part of the society” said one of the students.

Over 100 people attended the presentation, including teachers, students, parents and school directors. IIEP in partnership with My Career awarded certificates of appreciation to all the students and teachers involved in the process.