Saturday, October 16, 2021

Different, yet United: Joint Celebration of Children’s Day in Tetovo Region

20140528_151228The International Day for the Protection of Children, June 1, was marked with sports competition, planting trees and mutual socializing of the students and staff from the partner schools PS “Asdreni” from v. Glogi, Tetovo region, and PS “Strasho Pindzur” from v. Josifovo, Valandovo region. Smiles and excitement, games and mingling conquered this joint event, which was held in the village Glogi on a marvelous open-air ambiance under the Shar Mountain. All ethnic, gender and age boundaries vanished in the blink of an eye.

Students started the program with a sports competition, by forming two mixed teams with eight members: each team consisting of four players from the guest school and four from the host school. It was wonderful to watch the children celebrating and supporting each other during the game, which was conducted in an admirable and fair atmosphere. Following the sports competition, students and teachers from both schoolsalong with parents from the host school, representatives of IIEP and the sector for education in the Municipality of Tearce planted a tree in the “Friendship Park”. The wonderful friendship was proceeded with a cocktail prepared by the employees of “Asdreni” in which traditional food from the region was served for the guests from Valandovo.

The coordinator from the partner school “Strasho Pindzur” said that the prejudices they had for the Albanians before signing the Memorandum of Cooperation, have now disappeared. Member of the School Board and also a parent in PS “Asdreni” said that the event was on a high level, and that he has very good impressions from the cooperation between the two schools. Youngsters and adults from both schools promise that their friendship will continue in the future. Whereas the smiles and the happiness on their faces is a proof that this type of activities are a real score in the efforts for integrating young people in the country, who, regardless of their differences, demonstrate that they have many mutual interests and things that bring them close together. Their creativity and enthusiasm deserve support.