Saturday, October 16, 2021

Debater from USAID’s IIEP debate club wins best speaker award

10433095_10205032664234382_4613384212940000944_nAngelina Cvetkovska, debater from SS “Orce Nikolov”, a debate club formed as part of USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project, was awarded as best speaker at the National Debate Tournament for Beginners. The tournament was held from December 19 to December 21, and was hosted by the partner organization, the Youth Educational Forum. The event was attended by teams from debate clubs from 15 cities in Macedonia. It included 114 debaters and more than 30 judges in a diverse and integrated atmosphere.

The best team and the best speakers of the event were selected through 79 debates. The main goal of the event is to create an opportunity for beginners (debaters and judges) to practice their newly gained skills through regular activities at the debate clubs. These students have been participating in weekly trainings, learning the rules of the debate format and basic principles of argumentation. The purpose of the event was to provide them with an opportunity to test their theoretical knowledge for debate in practice.

2Debaters from USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project took active participation in the tournament. More than 45 members from the debate clubs in Prilep, Delcevo, Debar, Negotino and Karposh, part of the project, participated at the event.

And Angelina made the whole Project proud by being selected the best speaker of the tournament.