Saturday, October 16, 2021

Creative Expression and Interconnection of Students through Creative Workshops in ARSENI JOVKOV

Creative students -Macedonians, Albanians and Roma from ARSENI JOVKOV Secondary School, gathered to jointly discuss and share various ideas, so that other students and citizens can hear, learn and benefit toward raising awareness about the importance of the interethnic integration in schools.

Creative expression and interconnection, meeting the culture of the others and using the imagination to reduce stereotypes and prejudices, paved the way for students to learn and develop ideas in the course of four workshops organized from 3 to 23 October, 2012.

The workshops aimed at empowering and developing skills of the students to use creative processes in setting common goal, gain experience from each other by working together, learn about the culture of others, initiate critical reflection about the stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination on ethnic basis, develop awareness about the benefits of intercultural and interethnic collaboration and create short videos in order to advocate the intercultural exchange.

To reach this, students through diverse activities actively worked hard; all of them shared their favorite movies and how the positive messages have influenced on recognizing discrimination and injustice in everyday life; then how they perceive the notion culture- as process that family and moral values are transferred, including food, customs and tradition. At the end, working in groups, students discussed how reducing stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination can increase the interethnic collaboration and integration in education.

This hardworking and motivated group of students continues with its efforts to raise awareness about the relevance of diversity and interethnic collaboration in schools. During the workshops they succeeded to develop four ideas; in the following period with the support of the two artists and experts, these ideas will be translated into short videos, aiming to expanse the positive spirit about the interethnic integration in education.

Citizens and wider public will have an opportunity to see these short videos as part of promotion events that are planned to take place early December 2012.