Monday, September 20, 2021

Communication focused on the needs of students, teachers and parents is essential for a better interethnic integration

In cooperation with the partners from the Macedonian Institute for Media, IIEP continues with the cycle of workshops for planning efficient interactive public presentations in the context of interethnic integration in education, which involves members of the school integration teams from almost all schools across the country. At the workshop which was held in Ohrid on the 26th of September, participants from several municipalities from the western part of the country learned the secrets of good public communication through working jointly and with the help of experienced trainers.

How to communicate with different target groups, how to convince people to become our allies in the efforts to get young people from different ethnic communities together, how to prepare ourselves for efficient public presentations, how to recognize stereotypes and hate speech and how to avoid their usage and decrease their adverse effect in the schools and the public communication? These are only a part of the contents, and apart from the theoretical lectures, the participants at these workshops also practiced specific exercises for preparing brief statements and presentations in front of a specific target audience. At the end of the workshop, through role playing, the participants who were divided into teams, debated and supported opposing view points on specific topics related to interethnic integration in the schools.

The joint conclusion of all participants is that communication with different target groups is much easier and more efficient when it is free from the burden of hatred and prejudices and when it is aimed at and takes into consideration the opinions and needs of the people we address.