Monday, September 20, 2021

Building Model Houses – A Good Way To Integration

As part of the IIEP demonstration schools component, a mixed group of 24 students from Zdravko Cvetkovski secondary school with different languages of instruction gather once a week in an hour long session. In a very constructive and friendly atmosphere, led by four Macedonian and Albanian teachers, they expand their knowledge, professional skills, determination, cooperation and passion in building model houses and gardens.

By working together and creating miniature homes, they collaborate and produce something much more valuable for them and the society at the same time; mutual relationship, exchange of opinions and information, helping each-other and creating relations of interdependence. The school is looking forward to strengthen these capabilities and provide more opportunities for the students from the different communities in their communication.

The students are great; all we have to do is to offer them something interesting. It’s not important who they are with, as long as they enjoy what they are doing”, said one of the teachers.