Friday, July 30, 2021

Beginning of the School Year with New Windows in Primary School BRATSTVO MIGJENI

First day at school, for students of all ethnic groups from the Primary School BRATSTVO MIGJENI in Tetovo, begins in better learning environment with 19 new windows, thanks to the joint efforts of the school management, teachers, parents and municipal authorities, through the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

A school with a legacy of embedding values of diversity and crafting multiethnic learning environment even in difficult times, today voices great zeal to further nurture and cherish the interethnic integration in their school. Altogether, school management, teachers, parents and municipality of Tetovo agreed to design and implement activities to foster the interethnic integration in school. Furthermore, by including parents and local authorities, is possibility to broaden and promote the interethnic collaboration as an added value into their community too.

School Renovation Team successfully is founded to facilitate such activities. As always, in mutual and collaborative way, they designed and prioritized set of activities, organized series of meetings and worked hard during summer holidays to improve learning conditions for their children.

The school marks the beginning of the school year with new windows. Parents as volunteers entirely offered a helping hand to the school during the renovation. Municipal representatives supported and actively participated during the design of activities, regular meetings, and the process of renovation, including the cost-share funds provided by the municipal budget as support to the funds of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

All of this was an outstanding opportunity for the school renovation team, at the end of the August, in joint workshop together with media and journalists to discuss and present the results, being a good example for the other schools in Macedonia that will implement activities on interethnic integration in education.

The president of the Parent’s Council Mr. Hebil Selimi stated that the parents are key players to help school management in sustaining interethnic integration in education, and at the same time assure maintenance and good conditions of the school.

Ties among all relevant actors in Municipality of Tetovo remain strong. They will continue to implement the anticipated activities on interethnic integration in education with the start of this school year, working with students, parents and all relevant national and local educational institutions.