Thursday, October 28, 2021

Awareness Raising Training Seminar for School Integration Teams from Four Demonstration Schools on Interethnic Integration in Education Activities

Three day training seminar gathered together 37 members of School Integration Teams from  thefour Demonstration Schools (two primary and two secondary) and 7 members from the partner organizations LOJA and Sumnal, to raise awareness, enable and develop skills with purpose to advance interethnic integration in education. Likewise, the training seminar aimed to equip participants with a variety of approaches that broaden the multicultural context into the education system and disclose the relevance of multicultural and multiethnic society, when employing the project activities.

At the beginning, the focus was to enable and raise awareness among the members of the School Integration Teams to learn how to deal with ethnic stereotypes and prejudices as a challenge; through various exercises and presentations to contemplate the need for interethnic integration in education, specifically when segregation of education process is across the ethnic/language lines.

Following this, the training furthermore offered to the participants tangible and focused methodologies related to the role that School Integration teams will have- introducing the core activities and areas for change anticipated to occur for interethnic integration in education; roles and responsibilities; and the relevance of performing the school self-evaluation, which was tested through simulation exercises.

Coordination and Monitoring of the school based activities for interethnic integration in education is vital. At the training,  the School Integration Teams members were introduced to the instruments, which can help examine the implementation and results achieved internally in schools, whereas the role of the partner organizations is to assist the schools by performing the external monitoring, aimed to improve the interethnic integration in education.