Thursday, January 20, 2022

Amicable creative people expressed themselves in the spirit of cosmopolitanism

Hands of thirty people were clicking on the laptops, one could hear the snapping of the digital cameras and the laughter of the nervous people in front of the camera. This is how the two-day training for multimedia internet content in education went on; the training was organized by MIM and USAID’s Interethnic Integration in Education Project, on April 22 and 23 in Skopje.

Teachers and students from seven secondary schools from Skopje, arranged into three working groups, presented their common points in the regular extracurricular school activities. Each one of the members of the group participated, and they all worked together creating, filming, editing and mounting.

Through multimedia stories, they depicted that the public perception of the coexistence of people from different ethnic groups is not always correct. According to them, this training is an opportunity to create an integrated community in which prejudices disappear. We asked the participants what they liked the most in the training.

Teachers, alongside their students, learned something more about new technologies, whereas creative students drew inspiration from the experience of their lecturers.

This two-day gathering created a pleasant working atmosphere, uninterrupted and sincere cooperation, mutual complementing and motive for work based on creativity. Below you can watch photos from the productive environment.

The new findings on multimedia internet content in the context of interethnic integration in education are an incentive for these groups to create this sort of contents in their schools in the future as well. You can read the stories of the three creative teams in the blog Integratika.