Monday, October 25, 2021

Advancing Interethnic Integration in Education through School Incentives

Ten primary and secondary schools from pilot and neighboring municipalities (Tetovo, Bogovinje, Strumica, Demir Hisar, Cair, Butel, Resen and Bitola) demonstrate readiness and show great enthusiasm to include activities that enhance the interethnic dialogue in schools. Moreover, the municipalities strongly support their efforts in a pathway to accomplish their goals and cultivate settings for successful interethnic integration.

This cause gathered on June 13th 2012 in Skopje, acquaintances that promote the idea of multiculturalism and diversity–mayors, school representatives, representatives of the educational institutions, partners, collaborators, to congratulate the schools and municipalities for their commitment, strong will and faith in concepts of multiculturalism. By providing incentives to schools, the opportunities for all children of all ethnic communities are fostered and learning settings improved.

A significant support to the schools and municipalities came along by US Embassy, Secretariat for Implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement and Ministry of Education, USAID and United States European Command.

This is critical in building social and interethnic cohesion throughout the country. Such an education will enable citizens to be in a much better position to actively take part in the increasingly global society of the 21st century”– emphasized the US Ambassador in Republic of Macedonia, Paul Wohlers.

“There is no better age than childhood to get to know each other”-said Deputy Prime Minister in charge for implementation of Ohrid Framework Agreement, Musa Xhafferi. “In spite of the skepticism of individuals for sustainable multiethnic society, we are convinced that for our society this is an advantage toward democratization of the country”.

The huge turnout by schools in cooperation with municipalities, school boards, council of parents, local communities and NGOs, is an indication that the need for inter-ethnic integration is great and desirable within the schools. On the way we support the sustainability of the project and its benefits, and will support them as partners in cooperation with the Bureau for Educational Development, Vocational Education Training Center, State Examination Center, State Education Inspectorate with a leading role of the local NGOs with proven experience in that area” -the Minister of Education and Science, Pance Kralev informed the audience through his remarks.

Schools and Municipalities at the event in a ceremonial way signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project.

There was a vast joy and thankfulness expressed by the schools and municipalities. As the Director of the School “Marsal Tito” -Murtino, Strumica stated “I felt as I was at the Oscar Academy Awards”!

The renovation of schools will occur during the summer period!