Monday, October 25, 2021

Ability, Creativity and Talent rather than Ethnic, Religious or Political Affiliation

The students from Secondary School Jane Sandanski from Strumica had a clear message to their fellow students, teachers, school director and everyone else present at the presentation of the case study concerning career development in a multicultural company stating that ability, creativity and talent are the essential values unlike ethnic, religious or political affiliation.

We got together and it was a beginning, we stayed together and that was progress​​, we worked together and it was a complete success” – said Mirjana Ilieva, one of the researshers involved.

The presentation was held in the premises of Dom na ARM in Strumica and over 100 people attended the performance where the students described the whole process of research of the company selected – AD Edinstvo and JPKD Komunalec from Strumica.