Wednesday, December 8, 2021

A story about the interethnic integration from the Children’s Creative Centre

Around forty students attending the fourth grade in the elementary schools “Emin Duraku” from the village of Bukovikj, Saraj and in “Nevena Georgieva Dunja” from Karpos, in ethnically mixed groups, took part in the workshop titled “Spring”.

1They are partner schools which continue to implement joint student activities on their own initiative. This was their first joint meeting which was held on the 2nd of March in the Children’s Creative Centre in Skopje.

The teacher’s enthusiasm and the apparent wish for cooperation were evident at the very beginning of the meeting. After the introduction game, the students went in pairs for a short tour of the premises in the Children’s Creative Centre.

After being divided in five ethnically mixed groups, each group was given a task to elaborate a project titled “Spring”.

The members of each group worked together. One of the groups drew a picture of the flower snowdrop as a symbol of spring and the students from the other group were given the task to describe the snowdrop. They wrote their descriptions in Albanian and Macedonian. A third group of students were working in pairs and writing poems titled “Spring”.

2The teacher worked in parallel with their students. They helped the groups by giving instructions, translating, drawing and writing together with their students. It didn’t matter to them if the students were of Macedonian or Albanian nationality; in that classroom they only saw children willing to work and spend time together.

The result of the joint work comprised various products all related to one topic – Spring. The guests at the workshop were famous authors of children poetry in Macedonian and Albanian language, Stojan Tarapuza and Fejzi Bojku. As they said themselves, they are connected not only through the poetry but also through the long lasting friendship which lasts for decades now.

The students were curious and asked questions about the life and work of the two poets. At the end of the meeting they had the opportunity to listen to several poems written by these two big names in the poetry world.