Saturday, December 4, 2021

A recipe for friendship by students of the primary school “Jane Sandanski” from Skopje

angFrom 3rd until the 11th of December, around thirty students from first to fifth grade from the primary school “Jane Sandanski” from Skopje, who study in Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish language of instruction, implemented the joint workshop titled “Friendship”.  At the completion of the workshop, the students presented their “Recipe for Friendship”.

The students started the event with a discussion on the subject of birthday and what makes birthdays special.  In their opinion, friends are those who make the celebration special.  They say that necessary ingredients for good friendship are love, understanding, compassion, cooperation, assistance, support, joint games, etc.  Then, a game for introduction followed as a warm-up activity. The game was named “Going through a hoop” where all students were telling their names all the while holding their hands tightly.  The students where then divided into three groups.  In the first group, the first and second grade students talked about the manner in which friends greet each other and then colored a large piece of drawing paper with their palm prints.  The second group worked on the recipe for friendship.  The third group made puppet decorations.

At the end, every group presented their products.  They read the “Recipe for Friendship” in the three languages of instruction – Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish.  The workshop ended with joint greeting, applause and snacks.  These friendly students promised that they will continue with joint activities, and they already agreed to place the products from the workshop on a joint poster so that their other friends in the school would learn the recipe for friendship.