Friday, December 3, 2021

A Colourful “martenitsa” Around the Wrist as a Reminder for an Integrated Future of the Students

Students and teachers from the schools “Vera Ciriviri Trena” and “Bratstvo” from the Municipality of Karpos prepared and implemented a series of activities for interethnic integration in education during the academic year 2013/2014. Both schools worked tirelessly in the spirit of joint interests and for elimination of prejudices and intolerance towards people from different ethnic background. The result is excellent – numerous products, many social gatherings and a new view of the world. The achievements which arose from the close cooperation were put on several pieces of paper and prepared a colourful newsletter with numerous photos and stories from the implemented activities.

dsfsdfEager to spend time together with their new friends, during the visit of “Bratstvo” on the occasion of the religious holiday Kurban Bayram, which coincided with the date of the signing of the memorandum of partnership between the schools, the students from “Vera Ciriviri Trena” designed holiday greeting cards for their friends from “Bratstvo”. In return, the host students welcomed the guests with a big sweet surprise: baklava. The joyful atmosphere and the energy of the students during this visit indicated that these two schools will have a long-term and fruitful cooperation.

ewwerThus, many successful joint activities were conducted one after another. The Tree Day was jointly marked with the presence of the artist Zivko Popovski – Cvetin, who taught children to draw flowers and helped them to plant a tree in the school yard as a symbol of the joint bright and healthy future of the children. After the successful planting of the tree, the children jointly attended integrated English, Science and Art classes.

The language of mathematics is universal, say the teachers in the newsletter. It knows no prejudices and ethnic differences. The number as a symbol in every culture is the same, the value is the same and therefore an excellent cooperation was achieved between the mathematicians from “Vera Ciriviri Trena” and “Bratstvo”, with an even more successful class which was in accordance to the criteria for interethnic integration in education during which the students were solving math problems given by the teachers.

At the end, it is worth mentionin the activity organized for the Day of the Martenitsas, when students from both schools jointly made martenitsas – two-coloured bracelets made of white and red yarn, and sold them to the parents and students who attended this joint event. The students from both schools used the raised money to go to the cinema.

We hope that the cooperation between the two schools will not end here and that the martenitsas on their wrists will serve as a reminder that colourfulness is a treasure that can bring us all more knowledge and success.