Monday, January 24, 2022

200 teachers advanced their skills for implementation of activities for interethnic integration in the schools

DSC00737In the course of the month of May 2015, the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project conducted 5 advanced trainings which were attended by approximately 200 teachers from 44 multilingual schools. The participants were able to learn through practice the advanced methodologies for implementation of activities for interethnic integration in education, which they can implement on daily basis in their schools. “In the past, everyone used to implement projects separately – Macedonians separately from the others, Albanians separately from the others and Turkish separately from the others. Now we jointly implement all projects – in the three languages of instruction. Thus we connect to each other and we are really successful in our work. Also, there is a positive difference in the way other schools treat us, for example, after we got involved in this project, when we go for a visit to another school for its annual day celebration, they are really careful not to offend us with the selection of contents and songs for the performance” says Fikrija Bajrami from PS “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk” from the village of Kolicani, Studenicani.

DSC00752The teachers, representatives of the School Integration Teams, had the opportunity to discuss with their colleagues the methods of establishing a successful cooperation between students in the joint activities, to learn how to implement bilingual multicultural workshops and to see how they can encourage democratic participation of the students through the implementation of actions for change. “We have been working with the partner school from the village of Ivanjevci for two years now. However, the practical exercises at today’s trainings gave us the whole picture about what we were only able to see by now. Up until now we were only guests. Now we are true players. Such trainings are a very positive experience and a great motivation for us to overcome the prejudices that are very typical for small places. I’m very satisfied with the fact that the training was very practical and this is just what the teachers need” added Gordana Risteska from the elementary school “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” from the village of Bucin, Krusevo.