Saturday, December 4, 2021

Тhe trainings for school maintenance contribute to the creation of better learning environment

At the end of March, representatives of IIEP held one-day training for the School Renovation Teams (SRTs) from the 13 newly selected schools that will be renovated during 2016. School staff, parents, representatives of the school board, the municipality and the local community are members of SRT.

During the two trainings held in Skopje, a total of 76 participants gained new knowledge pertaining to the definition of the needs and priorities for school renovation, preparation of an application and budget for renovation, preparation of plans and budgets for maintenance of schools and planning of events for collection of additional funds.

“The selection of our school as one of the 13 schools motivates us to continue to implement activities for interethnic integration in education.  At the same time, this project will allow us to realize our dream of many years – construction of a concert hall. The project also encouraged the local self-government and the entire community to participate in the realization of our dream “- said Zlatko Stojanov, director of the music school “Lazo Micev – Rale” from Kavadarci.

Via interactive presentations, team practical work and group discussions, the SRT members learned how to prepare a priority list of the needs for renovation, how to prepare a high quality application and budget for renovation, and they shared their practices for maintenance of schools and learned how to improve them.

“Apart from being adequate and useful for the realization of the renovation in the school, there are other benefits from the training.  For example, raising the awareness of the municipalities and the local population for bigger and more active participation in the maintenance of the school building, which will improve the conditions in the school and improve the teaching process”- said the representative of the school board, Ramadan Amzov from the village of Gorno Jabolciste.

In the upcoming period, the activities for renovation of the priority projects will be realized in every school separately.  Concurrently, mentoring sessions will be organized in all 13 schools in order to assist the schools to improve their work pertaining to the maintenance of the school buildings. The improvement of the work of the school renovation teams and the maintenance of school facilities will provide better learning conditions for a total of 7,817 students.

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