Friday, December 3, 2021

High School Students from “Kiro Burnaz” from Kumanovo with a Joint Greeting on the Occasion of 8 March

On the occasion of 8 March, 40 students from SS “Kiro Burnaz”- Kumanovo, who follow instruction in Albanian and Macedonian languages, jointly decorated clay vases and wrote messages with greetings on the occasion of the International Women’s Day in both languages. This workshop was not the first meeting for the students, because they had also cooperated previously in other activities. They agreed on the conceptual designs, as well as on the preparations for the workshop in advance, via internet, under the mentorship of the teachers Zaklina Velickovic and Jasar Hasani.

In the school “Kiro Burnaz”, the curriculum is being implemented in two languages of instruction: in Macedonian in the central school, which is attended by approximately 500 students, and in Albanian in the satellite school which is attended by 35 students. Although the curriculum is being implemented in two school buildings that are 7 km away one from another, the school implements many various joint activities – various contests, workshops and activities, within the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project and other projects, in order to enable cooperation and friendship of the students from both school buildings.

The decoration workshop was held in a joyful atmosphere, friendship and cooperation between the students. In the end, you could read from the faces of the students that they had spent great time together and that they were satisfied with the made vases. The cooperation continues intensively these days through the participation in the environmental activities that are planned for the second half of March.