Saturday, December 4, 2021

Активности plot, затоа integration çok

DSC09481On February 14, 2015, on the annual School Day of the demonstration primary school “Sande Sterjoski” from Kicevo, an Open Day was also held on which the results and the products of the activities implemented with the support of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project were presented. The event was an excellent opportunity for parents, directors of other schools from Kicevo, as well as representatives of the municipality to meet and to participate in the IIEP activities.

At the beginning of the event there were several integrated acts, and the biggest round of applause was given to the students who gave an excellent recital of poems in the language of their school mates. Four multicultural workshops were also presented, as well as one bilingual workshop for the first grade students, presentations of integrated outings, democratic participation and professional cooperation among the teachers. The unity of the students and of all employees could be felt from the very school entrance. “I am very glad that the children got to know each other and the impact of these activities is not only a temporary friendship among the children, but they also got acquainted with other cultures, learner to respect everyone equally and to continuously spend time together”, says Daniela Grozdanovska, a parent and a teacher in the school.

DSC09515At the end, all attendees headed towards the playground in order to watch the games without frontiers. The adults did not resist the fun and the positive energy of the children and very soon they started participating in the games themselves. “One of the many benefits of this project is the fact that the students from different languages of instruction already use words from the language of the other ethnicity when communicating among each other” said Elvin Kansu, coordinator of the School Integration Team in the elementary school “Sande Sterjoski”.