Sunday, April 18, 2021

12-15.02 – Hotel Montana Palace, Krusevo – Winter camp…

12-15.02 – Hotel Montana Palace, Krusevo – Winter camp

In the period from 12-15 February, winter camp will be implemented. On the camp 39 students and 9 teachers from 3 multilingual school (PS Vrapciste, Vrapciste, PS Rajko Zinzifov, Butel and PS Brakja Miladinovci v.Dobrushevo, Mogila) and 2 monolingual primary schools (PS Hristijan Karposh, Kumanovo and PS 7 Marsi, Lipkovo) will participate. The students will have an opportunity to undergo a series of fun and dynamic activities that involved team building exercises, communication exercises, creative workshops and sports activities. In order to encourage greater collaboration and communication among the students, each exercise and activity will be conducted with a different mixed group of students. Teachers will also have an active participation on the camp, through special workshops designed for them.