Friday, December 3, 2021

Call for application in the pilot phase in the Component Provision of Incentives to Schools and Communities, May 3 to 17, 2012

We are honored to announce the start the activities in the frame of the component Providing Incentives to Schools and Communities and the beginning of the submission of applications for selection of schools that will be included in the component activities. During 2012, as well as the next years, will be selected 10 schools in which will be implemented this component’s activities. For participation in the first (pilot) year of the implementation of the Project’s component Providing Incentives to Schools and Communities can apply all primary and secondary schools from the 4 pilot municipalities (Bitola, Butel, Strumica and Tetovo) and the schools from the neighboring municipalities. The list of eligible schools can be found here.

The selection of the schools will be done according to the set criteria and the interest that the schools will show for involving in the other components’ activities. In each of the selected schools will be established School Renovation Teams that will be our partners in the work and whose capacities will be strengthened through tailor made trainings. The School Renovation Teams will be actively involved in the planning, organization and implementation of the renovation activities and will have to provide their own in-kind support, finances or equipment, which will be their cost – share in the renovation process. The maximum amount per school that will be provided by the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project shall not exceed 1.200.000 denars, and the municipalities/schools should provide at least 10% cost – share.

The application submission will start on May 3 and will last until May 17, 2012, by 17:00. All application materials as well as the guidance for their filling in can be found on our web site. The applications filled in English should be sent by post to Str. Kozle 1-b, Skopje and by e – mail to

1. Application for selection of schools

2. Guidance for filling in application for selection of schools

3. Letter of support – municipality

4. Letter of support – school

5. Letter of support – school board

6. Letter of support – parents

7. Letter of support – local community