Wednesday, September 22, 2021

22.04 –Kumanovo – Joint student activity in PS “Jeronim De Rada”…

22.04 –Kumanovo – Joint student activity in PS “Jeronim De Rada”

As part of the small grants program, the school will implement several activities with its partner school PS “Joakim Krchovski” from Kriva Palanka. Three workshops are planned. Within the first workshop, through the use of English language, children will learn the language of the other ethnic group, at the basic level. Another group of students will develop artistic and literary works as a part of the workshop entitled “Friendship”. Researching interesting facts about religious holidays Easter and Bajram, mixed group of student from 6-9 grade will develop papers devoted to the celebration of these religious holydays. Songs, texts and drawings will be created. Alongside these workshops, sports activity named “Games without borders” is also planned.