Sunday, October 17, 2021

Training for teachers for running joint students activities in demonstration schools

From 20 to 23 of august 2013, the four demonstration schools SS Gostivar from Gostivar; SS Zdravko Cvetkovski from Skopje; PS Sande Shterjoski from Kichevo and PS Bratstvo Edinstvo from Ohrid are going through  training for teachers for running joint students activities.

The aim of these trainings is to accurately direct the teachers involved in the process in their attempt to perform successful joint activities with students from different ethnicities. Firstly, they practice introductory games which they will use to incorporate students from different ethnic groups in order to get to know each other and build cohesion. After that they will have the task to set a common goal and look for its solution by mutual cooperation.

The teachers and students will have the opportunity to organize different events in the forthcoming period such as excursions, school sections and sports events. All the events will be a chance for the schools to prove the multicultural spirit by involving all the parties equally in the preparation period, have equal representation of each ethnic group and will show that cooperative atmosphere is possible in Macedonia.