Monday, January 17, 2022

Sharing the Progress and Accomplishments of the School Activities in 2012 at the Demonstration School Zdravko Cvetkovski

The school director, representative of the Bureau for Development of Education, members of the School Integration Team, teachers, students and IIEP team altogether on 24 January 2013, at a presentation, discussed about the achievements and school activities that were implemented in the course of year 2012 in the demonstration school Zdravko Cvetkovski in Skopje.

These accomplishments cover joint extracurricular activities such as: formation of ethnically mixed sports teams in football, joint excursions of all students in places of interest for everyone such as the color Mosque in Tetovo, Knauf factory and mine in Debar and the Monastery St. Jovan Bigorski.

Other activities that require some attention are the joint inter-cultural activities taught by teachers from the two teaching languages, different types of events and celebrations where the choir and the bends sing songs in Macedonian and Albanian language and democratic participation of students where students vote for the president and vice president of the classes – if the president is from one ethnicity, the other should be from another.

Zdravko Cvetkovski Secondary School in Skopje is one of the four Demonstration Schools of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project. It has two teaching languages, Macedonian and Albanian and has representatives from other ethnic groups such as Turks and Roma population.

All these activities gave everyone a chance to realize that improvement is inevitable and realistic step in the right direction in the future. The results have shown that a great progress has been made in the past year of the project and more will be done in the forthcoming period.