Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Selected Schools Within the Third Component: Demonstration Schools

The selection committee, established for the needs of selection demonstration schools, consisted of representatives from different institutions such as: Ministry of Education and Science, Bureau for Educational Development, Vocational and Education Training Center, OSCE, UNICEF, Macedonian Civic Education Center and Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, after a detailed analysis and evaluation of 72 primary and high school applications based on different criteria such as: different municipalities, number of students, languages of instruction, motivation, school potentials etc., made a decision to include the following schools in the USAID project for Interethnic Integration in Education:



Name of the school Municipality
PS „Bratsvo Edinstvo“ Ohrid
PS „Sande Shterjoski“ Kicevo
CHSC „Zdravko Cvetkovski “ Karposh, Skopje
SEMS „Gostivar“ Gostivar


As for the one language schools that applied for demonstration schools in partner relationship, due to the small number of applications the Committee could not reach a consensus and therefore a decision to repeat the call for applications was made. The new call for applications will be announced after the project team will get feedback from the implementation of the activities in the already chosen schools.