Thursday, January 20, 2022

Interethnically integrated visit to the President of the Republic of Macedonia

Students of the eight grade and civic education teachers from partner schools “Krste Misirkov” from macedonian language of instruction and “25 Maj” from albanian language of instruction on 13 December, 2013 encountered a meeting with the President of the R. Macedonia, George Ivanov. The visit was a part of the Interethnic Integration in Education Project and represents extracurricular activity aimed at building mutual trust and cooperation, development of civic virtues (loyalty) and strengthening the sense of belonging to the Republic of Macedonia. While planning the activities several meetings of introduction, planning, discussing and bringing the partner schools closer occurred. The visit was also used for the removal of the old flag with the new one, a ceremony that takes place every month. For children this meeting was memorable, witnessed by realized photos. There was one purpose – there was one common sun – a multicultural, multiethnic integrated and above all human!