Friday, December 3, 2021

Interethnic cooperation – the grown-ups can learn from the young ones, too

DSC09628Stereotypes and prejudices, gender (in)equality, hate speech and violence – these are only few of the topics that were elaborated at the workshop of the students from SS “Braka Miladinovci” from Kisela Voda. The workshop was also attended by the representatives of the USAID Interethnic Integration in Education Project, the director of the school, as well as the representatives of the parents and of the professional services in the school.

The grown-ups were amazed by the good organization of the workshop for which the students can take the whole credit. Namely, they came up with the agenda, they selected the topics for discussion and they developed the practical activities. Around twenty students from this school, in a mixed group, regardless of their language or gender, attended and actively participated in the workshop. A member of the “People to People” organisation was a special guest at the workshop and presented the knowledge and the skills on the topic of hate speech in front of the students. “The activities such as this one, i.e. the informal education bring the students closer and help them realize what is important. And it is important that they help each other and cooperate in every aspect of learning, says Jana Stanoevska, a teacher and a member of the school integration team (SIT) in SS “Braka Miladinovci”.

The cooperation of the students in the school is truly exemplary. That was confirmed by the students as well. “In addition to attending such activities, we also learn something new, we break those stereotypes and prejudices, and we decrease the discrimination in our school. During the breaks, we continue our debates and thus we deepen our friendship and we get to know each other even better”, says Hristina Najdovska, participant in the workshop.

DSC09630We hope that the students from this school will continue to initiate and implement such activities and that they will be a role model not only for their peers but also for the grown-ups in terms of how to cooperate and to achieve unity of all citizens, regardless of their background.