Monday, April 12, 2021

27.05 – PS “Simche Nastoski”, Vratnica – Joint student activities…

27.05 – PS “Simche Nastoski”,  Vratnica – Joint student activities

As a part of the small grants program, PS “Slavcho Lumbarkovski” from Novaci will implement several activities with its partner school PS “Simche Nastoski” from village Vratnica. 12 students from Macedonian and Albanian language of instruction will conduct a research on significant figures of the Macedonian and Albanian culture born in these two regions. 16 students will jointly create a picture book about the cultural sights of the region. Another group of 12 students will conduct a comparative analysis of air pollution in Jegunovce and Novaci region. Alongside with these activities, 12 students will participate in a sports competition in football and