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Announcement for call for application for the selection of master trainers in the Capacity Building Component for school management and teachers, May 17 to 27, 2012

USAID Interethnic integration in Education Project announces a call for application for selection of master trainers under the Capacity Building component of school leadership and teachers

Description of Project activities

Activities in this component are aimed at strengthening the capacities of educational institutions and municipalities to support the implementation of multi-ethnic activities in all primary and secondary schools in Macedonia.

Variety of training are planned which include representatives from educational institutions, municipalities and schools (teachers, principals, associates, members of the school board, parents and students). Also, activities are planned to support schools that will ensure sustainability of multiethnic activities after project completion. Project activities will take place from June 2012 until the end of 2015.

School integration teams (SIT) will manage all project activities     in all primary and secondary schools, applying the “whole school approach”. They will receive constant support and guidance in cooperation with the Bureau for Development of Education, Vocational Education Center, State Educational Inspectorate, State Examination Center and the municipalities in Republic of Macedonia.

The expected results from the realization of the project are:
·    Increased knowledge of the students about information that can contribute to multiethnic communication and understanding;
·    Increased knowledge and skills of the teachers and other employees in the Schools in implementing Interethnic activities in curricular and extracurricular activities;
·    Established professional cooperation between the teachers aimed towards increased multiethnic understanding and respect in community;
·    Increased cooperation between the school and the local community, school boards and parents in implementing the joint multiethnic activities/projects with the students;
·    Develop a system of mentoring activities to support the activities for interethnic cooperation;
·    Included activities for interethnic cooperation in annual work plans of the schools;
·    Increased cooperation and exchange of good practices between schools in the municipality and/or between municipalities through a network of integrated schools.

Method of applying
When applying the following should be taken in consideration:
1.    For the Master Trainer the following profile of people can apply:
·    Practitioners from schools(principles, professional service staff, teachers from elementary and secondary schools);
·    Teachers from the Teacher Training Faculties;
·    Trainers from the NGO’s.
2.    The selected Master Trainers will have the following responsibilities:
·    Participation in „training for trainers“and completing the procedure for qualification of trainers.
·    Conducting training sessions with different target groups from elementary and secondary schools divided into three phases (pilot phase – 2012; second phase – 2013 and third phase – 2014).
·    Supporting schools in dissemination of trainings in schools.
3.    Interested candidates for the selection of Master Trainers should submit the following documents:
·    Short biography;
·    Completed application form which can be found here;
·    Attached certificates according to the guidelines of the application.
4.    The application and other documents will be prepared in Macedonian language. We encourage applicants whose native language is other than Macedonian language to submit documents in their native language.
5.    Selection of Master Trainers will be based on defined criteria according to the requirements given in the application form and the attached documents.
6.    Submission of application and other documents will start on 17.05.2012 and will last until 27.05.2012.

Completed applications and other specified documents to be sent:
·    By mail to the PMIO address – Component 2, St. Kozle 1-b, Skopje and
·    By e-mail to

For further information about the application, feel free to contact Snezana Jankulovska or Igor Ordev on 2 3067 981 – extension 115 or 118.